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Class is Still in Session at Our Arizona Charter School

Posted by Kela Powers on Mar 30, 2020 4:36:00 PM

Thousands of parents across Arizona are facing weekly disruption to their children’s educational as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to close across the state. These families want the best for their children: high-quality instruction from professionally trained educators, equity for all students, and preparation for lifelong success.

At Vista College Preparatory, we have the same desires for our scholars and have transitioned our classes to online virtual classrooms. Our charter school keeps your scholar’s educational career on track and helps them develop a learning routine that will benefit their future. 

Virtual Learning 

Despite the coronavirus shutdowns across our state, our school helps parents maintain their students’ learning routines. We offer educational portals for both K-2 and 3-7, which provide everything from suggested daily learning schedules to online readings, lessons, and classrooms. We also include valuable activities to keep young scholars engaged with a large selection of educational resources. 

Our charter school understands the importance of maintaining your child’s school schedule, whether physically in the classroom or sitting at the kitchen table at home. VCP developed these online programs to help your student continue rigorous learning from the comfort of your home without sacrificing valuable learning time. 

Vista Virtual Learning Web Page

With a focus on K-2 students, our virtual learning page brings education from the physical classroom into the home. You can see what an average daily routine could look like for your student in this short video that highlights what our online experience has to offer. 

Some of the learning opportunities students attending the Vista Virtual Learning web page can expect are:

  • Grade-specific work packets
  • Daily schedules with interactive videos from their favorite teachers
  • Links to educational activities like Lexia and Prodigy
  • Personalized videos from teachers to students and families

Google Classrooms

Students in grades 3 - 7 attend our classes through Google Classrooms. This environment helps students keep their studies organized, fosters communication with teachers about assignments, and provides a structured approach to the virtual learning experience. 

Some of the unique features that VCP offers for our students using this platform include:

  • Work packets designed for each grade level
  • Daily schedules and regular assignment updates
  • Zoom meeting opportunities if scholars need help on work
  • Live Lunch video meet-ups
  • Links to important educational resources like Scholastic and Khan Academy

VCP also provides bagged meals for the entire week for children under 18 years old. We offer this service via a drive-through on Mondays from 7:30 to 8:30 am. 

Our Arizona Charter School Keeps Your Students Learning

Vista College Preparatory provides some of the best quality K-8 education in our state. We dedicate ourselves to giving your child the schooling they need and deserve so that their future is full of success. Our transition from the physical classroom to virtual learning ensures our students will experience minimal disruption in their education during the current health crisis. 

Your child will thrive in our intuitive virtual learning programs as our educators engage and inspire through assignments, discussions, and interactive media. Contact us today to talk about tuition-free enrollment options for K-8 classes and how early education can prepare your child for lifelong success.

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