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Best Schools in AZ

Why VCP is One of the Best Schools in AZ

Posted by Kela Powers on Apr 2, 2020 4:37:00 PM

It can be challenging for parents to find a school that is a good fit for their child. Many worry about the academics, whether their child will fall behind, and the amount of personalized attention their child will receive each day. However, at Vista College Prep, we’ve been the highest performing school serving low-income students in Phoenix for the past four years. Here’s how we meet and exceed the expectations for academic excellence, leadership development, and community involvement year after year. 

Small Class Sizes Mean Personalized Education

As a densely populated area with a shortage of educators, Phoenix schools are used to larger class sizes and fewer class offerings. At VCP, we strive to tailor our curriculum to the unique needs of our students. Many students begin their journey at VCP academically behind in reading, writing, and math, but our commitment to small class sizes means each child’s individual learning needs are directly addressed. We take the time to get to know your child and develop a strategy to get them performing at or above their grade level.

Dedicated Teachers Fuel Success 

The number one determiner of student success is not demographics, but the person standing at the front of the classroom. Our team of educators at VCP is dedicated, experienced, and passionate. We approach the K-8 environment with enthusiasm and innovation to get our scholars excited about learning. Additionally, we value education at every level, which is why we offer weekly professional development opportunities to help our teachers become better educators every single day. 

Outstanding Performance on Standardized Tests

When it comes to test data, it’s obvious that VCP is at the head of the pack. Our students scored in the top 6 percentile in literacy and top 11 percentile in math for the entire state in 2017 and have continued to demonstrate academic excellence year after year. These incredible results are all thanks to our rigorous academic model and the combined dedication of our scholars, community and teachers. 

Consistent Communication With Parents 

Communication at every stage is key to the development of our scholars which is why we strive for consistent parent involvement for all grade levels. Instead of simply sending home a report card each quarter or sending an email, every member of our staff, from our classroom teachers to our principal, make a vested effort to forge strong bonds with parents and guardians. In fact, over the course of the last 7 years, we've averaged over 95 percent of parents attending parent-teacher conferences year after year.  

Culture of Academic and Leadership Growth 

Many student do not hear about college until high school.  This is not the case for VCP scholars.  From day one at VCP, we have worked tirelessly to create a culture of academic determination and outstanding leadership, helping scholars believe that college is part of their future. Every classroom is named after a university and the teacher works with their scholars to develop their very own college chant that is presented at weekly assemblies. Additionally, every year all grade levels (even kindergarteners) attend field trips to Arizona colleges through these experiences our scholars know that they are on the path to a college education.

Are you struggling to find the right school for your child? At Vista College Prep, we believe that early education, individualized attention, and empathetic teachers can prepare your child for lifelong achievement. Contact us today to discuss tuition-free enrollment for K-8 classes and how to get your child on the path to college today.

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